The Firangistan Files: NewsX investigates extensive Khalistani Sympathizers Network

17 June, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma

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In their investigation, NewsX has compiled a glossary of individuals and organizations associated with the global Khalistani web.

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) has taken over the investigation into the attacks on the Indian High Commission in Canada and the United States by pro-Khalistani elements, according to sources from the Delhi Police. The attacks, which occurred in March 2023 in Canada and San Francisco, have raised concerns about the safety of Indian diplomatic missions abroad.

Following the attacks, First Information Reports (FIRs) were registered under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) by the Delhi Police Special Cell. However, the case has now been transferred to the NIA, indicating the seriousness of the matter and the need for a specialized investigation.

During recent protests by pro-Khalistan supporters in the United States, threats were directed at the Indian embassy and Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu. The situation escalated further when a video surfaced on social media showing pro-Khalistani protestors gathering at the consulate in San Francisco. They were seen shouting slogans in support of pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh and harassing the staff as they abandoned the diplomatic mission.

The United States government has condemned the violent incidents that took place during protests at Indian diplomatic facilities in the country. These developments have raised concerns about the safety of Indian diplomats and diplomatic missions abroad.

The roots of the pro-Khalistani movement have been examined by NewsX in their special telecast, “The Firangistan Files.” In their investigation, NewsX has compiled a glossary of individuals and organizations associated with the global Khalistani web. This compilation is based on publicly available resources and highlights the interconnectedness between various pro-Khalistani groups.

One prominent organization identified in the investigation is Dal Khalsa, a pro-Khalistan group based in London. Dal Khalsa follows several other pro-Khalistani organizations on social media platforms, such as The Sikh Renaissance, Sikh Siyasat News, World Sikh Organisation, United Sikhs, Khalistan Liberation Force, and SAF International.


Founded in 1978, the organization was inspired by Bhindranwale and was involved in the hijacking of an Indian Airlines Jetliner in 1981. Following the hijacking, a ten-year ban was imposed on Dal Khalsa. The organization’s main office is situated in ‘Freedom House’ in Amritsar, with established units in the US and UK. Jaspal Singh Dhillon, the Vice President of Dal Khalsa, has also made visits to London.

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Notably, Gurucharan Singh, a key member of Dal Khalsa, has been prominently featured in three CCTV footages released by the NIA, showing attacks on the Indian High Commission in London. Singh has been seen associating with Paramjeet Singh Pamma, a wanted Khalistani sympathizer and member of the Khalistan Tiger Force, which is a known terrorist organization. Gurucharan Singh has also been observed in the company of Tehreek-e-Kashmir leader Fahim Kayani, who originally hails from Pakistan, as well as several Pakistani diplomats.

Avtar Singh Khanda, the chief of the Khalistani Liberation Force, a terrorist group responsible for multiple attacks in Punjab during the 1990s, recently passed away in Birmingham on June 15, 2023. Khanda was captured on video pulling down the Indian flag from the Indian High Commission in London. He has also been accused of funding the 2009 bombing of the Indian Air Force Base in Pathankot and allegedly nurturing Amritpal Singh as a handler. Gippy Grewal, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, has been seen with Khanda and is followed by Preet Kaur Gill, a UK Member of Parliament who, in turn, is followed by Dal Khalsa.

Additionally, NewsX’s investigation has shed light on the Word Sikh Organisation (WSO), a pro-Khalistani media organization formed after an international gathering of Sikhs in 1984 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Didar Singh Bains, a key player in setting up WSO, raised the demand for Khalistan during this event. A CBC documentary uncovered the organization’s political influence while publicly supporting terrorist acts in the pursuit of an independent Sikh state. Tejinder Singh Sidhu currently serves as the President of WSO and has taken anti-India stances under the guise of religion and community welfare. The Canadian wing of WSO remains particularly active, and the organization had previously assisted Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party campaign during federal elections.

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The Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), founded by Aroor Singh and Sukhvinder Singh Babbar, has a history of carrying out bombings on military targets in India during the 1980s and 1990s. The group claimed responsibility for the 1991 abduction of the Romanian chargĂ© d’affaires in New Delhi, Liviu Radu. The KLF receives funding from diaspora communities in Spain, Malaysia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Another organization under scrutiny is the Poetic Justice Foundation, founded by MO Dhaliwal and Anita Lal in March 2020. This foundation gained attention for creating a toolkit during the farmers’ protest in India, which was subsequently shared by Greta Thunberg on her Twitter account.

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The toolkit, as stated by the Delhi Police, outlined plans that resembled the violence that unfolded on January 26, 2021, in Delhi. Pieter Friedrich, who allegedly authored the toolkit and was mentioned in it, has been on the radar of Indian agencies since 2006 due to suspicions of having links to the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI.

The revelations made by NewsX in “The Firangistan Files” highlight the complex network of individuals and organizations associated with the pro-Khalistani movement. The NIA’s investigation into the attacks on Indian diplomatic missions in Canada and the United States aims to unravel the extent of this network and bring those responsible to justice.

As the investigation progresses, it is expected that further details will emerge, shedding light on the activities and connections of these pro-Khalistani elements operating on an international scale. The outcome of the investigation will have implications not only for India but also for the countries involved and their efforts to maintain diplomatic relations and security.

NewsX is making no criminal allegations against any individual or entities other than those already stated by authorities or publicly published.