Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Kashmir Files gets global recognition: Time for film screening at Cannes & Oscars?

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The Kashmir Files has tasted massive success in India. The film has not only impressed the film critics and has emerged the first choice of movie-goers, but is also racing to cross Rs 200 crore mark at the box office. As The Kashmir Files continues to gain momentum in India, it is now being released across various countries, putting the painful and heart-wrenching tell all story of Kashmiri pandits. 

Talking about the international distribution of Kashmir Files, the film was earlier released in 9 countries across 100 screens. It has now been released in 25 countries across 350 screens. Eventually, the film is aiming to release in more European and APAC countries. The film has grossed about $1 million in North America, $160,000 in UK and $262,000 in Australia. 

In Germany, the film is being screened in multiple cities. More than 50 shows of the film were planned over the weekend while multiple screenings are planning in Berlin, Munich and other cities. But, the film has met with resistance in New Zealand, sparking a new controversy. 

Despite the movie been cleared by New Zealand censor board with a 16+ age group clearance, the board is now reviewing its decision and has put the movie on hold after members of the muslim community raised some objections. New Zealand’s chief censor David Shanks said that the members of the Muslim community raised concerns that the film ‘could raise anti-Muslim sentiment and potential hatred’. 

The move has been criticised by New Zealand’s former Deputy prime minister Winston Peters, who wrote in a Facebook post, “This attempt at selective censorship would amount to one further attack on the freedom of New Zealanders and people worldwide.” 

In light of the recent developments, the big question is that after Lagaan and Slumdog Millionaire, is it finally time that The Kashmir Files gets global recognition at Cannes and Oscars? 

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