Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The people of India have pure faith and trust in Narendra Modi: Parshottam Rupala

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Today in the National Capital, India News Manch assembled India’s top political figures and voices on one platform, with the who’s who of Indian politics gracing the stage. Rajya Sabha MP Parshottam Rupala joined iTV Network for an exclusive conversation to talk about the development process in the villages of the country.

Talking about the goal that have been set for the future to bring some happiness into the lives of the village people, the minister said, ” In 2014, when PM Modi took his oath, he firmly mentioned that his government will be dedicated to the underprivileged, farmers and villagers. And if you see his journey since then, the PM has stick to his words. During the pandemic, PM Modi has confirmed an Atma Nirbar package of 1 lakh crore. I have witnessed a lot of debates on this amount but nobody talks about the other condition mentioned with it that the money will be spent on post harvest technology. Secondly, this amount is to be put into villages. You see, a lot of governments make development plans but only this plan was fixed with a destination. Talking about my department, animal husbandry and fishery fall under the same umbrella as agriculture. So, our infrastructural budget along with the agricultural budget aims to support the farmers in the villages. We have allocated funds into different departments and made budgets keeping our main focus on the development of the villages. And due to these efforts, the Amul model of working is successful in injecting 125 crore per day into the economy of the villages.”

Speaking about the steps taken to build awareness amongst the village people regarding these schemes, Parshottam Rupala revealed, ” I have a strong sense of pride in revealing that I have myself conducted seminars with my ministers in states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, etc. to create awareness about our projects and schemes. Additionally, we also conduct a query session for these people after the seminars. The government is also taking huge steps to deliver technology to the houses of the animal keepers.”

“Our government through animal husbandry has decided to set up mobile veterinary unit for the technological advancement of the villages. It was very difficult to take big sized animals to the veterinary when they were injured or sick. Moreover, the Indian government has given 100% grants to all the states for these units. The process of artificial insemination can now be done at the door steps of the animal keepers. States like Telangana and Gujarat had started this program as a state scheme, but now after seeing the success of the program, the Modi government has given grants to all the states of the country. The development of the animal keepers has a direct impact on the diary industry and that in turn impacts the cities. Our aim is to make the regional dairy brands strong by providing them with coolers and testing kits.”

Further talking about the efforts made by the government to stop migration of the farmers, the Rajya Sabha MP said, “Our country is the number 1 producer of milk in the world. Whereas, the average production of milk per animal is very low. Our cows produce 3 liter milk right now. So, the Modi government is aiming to improve the breed of these mil-giving animals and take the number up to 10 liters per animal. Earlier, this process used to take 7-8 years, but through technological advancements in the field, there’s a process through which a cow can give birth to another female cow only. We can motivate the youth of the villages to see this as a great business opportunity to become a lucrative business in the future. We have also decided to give 50% subsidy to these animal keepers to yield more benefits.”

At the end, Parshottam Rupala talked about the Lakhimpur Kheri case and if the government has to come back stronger after these hardships. He said, “The public has eyes on everything. They very well know what the opposition is up to and what the ruling party is up to. We are ready to answer their questions in the parliament but make a chaos out the discussion and don’t let us answer properly. The people of India have pure faith and trust in Narendra Modi.”

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