The Taliban advances on Afghan cities, puts the wind up for the country

16 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

The Taliban insurgents and military troops have started to take outposts and bases and have begun advancing in Kunduz, a northern Afghan province.

The Taliban have been actively obtruding in key provinces of Afghanistan for months and strategically trying to move their troops to certain outposts and military bases. The terror group has been threatening to move the country to its snapping point and impel the Biden US administration into a situation where there are no chances of winning.

Despite the fiercely cold weather in the northern city of Kunduz, the Taliban has been keeping on with the terror activities and using small armed drones to threaten the Afghan troops. They have also captured highways in the neighboring city Pul-i-kumari, sending threat signals to lives to the country’s capital-Kabul.

‘’They are still working here, we can’t replace them, because we don’t have enough forces. Our Commanders steal from our fuel, food and our supply’’ stated Saifullah Khan, the police officer in charge of the Afghan troop. During an attack in the fall, the Taliban captured a large territorial area and then held their ground. The attempts by the Afghan military and security forces to remove them eventually failed. As per a US government watchdog report issued on February 1, around 200 check-posts were left stranded by the Afghan army in December. The collapse of some military bases during the fall let the Taliban occupy troves of military ammunition, equipment, and many heavy artillery.

In the nearby Arghandab district of Afghan which currently stands as a site of the Taliban’s northern offensive in the city of Kandahar, police officers and army officials have stated that they are severely less in number and are constantly understaffed. Their pleas for support seem to have gone unheard by the officials in Kabul.