“They have become so desperate”, says PM Modi on ‘Modi teri kabr khudegi’ remark

6 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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BJP was born from the womb of democracy, is nourished by the nectar of democracy, and is working tirelessly for the country while strengthening the country's democracy and constitution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Thursday that social justice is not simply a political issue for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but that the party adheres to it in letter and spirit. While addressing the BJP workers on the party’s 44th Foundation Day, PM Modi said, “BJP is working with the mantra of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas-Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas. We have always given topmost priority to social justice and empowerment in our hearts and working style. Social justice is not a part of political sloganeering for us but an article of faith for us.”

He added, “BJP lives social justice…follows it in letter and spirit. Getting 80 crore people free ration is a reflection of social justice. The facility of free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh to 50 crores poor without discrimination is a strong expression of social justice.”

I am confident that the commitment, dedication, and power of our Karyakartas, as well as our Mantra of ‘Country First,’ will continue to inspire us!

On Monday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin stated that the struggle for social justice is not limited to a single state. Stalin attacked the ruling BJP while presiding over the first All India Federation for Social Justice, which brought together leaders from various political parties on a virtual platform, saying those who supported the idea of a single concept in terms of faith and language, among other things, were opposed to social justice.

Meanwhile in his address today, PM Modi also lashed out at the Congress over its dynastic politics, PM Modi, “Today BJP is leading a new political culture in the country and what is the culture of Congress and other parties like it? All these parties are hostages of familyism, dynasty, casteism and regionalism, whereas BJP’s political culture is to take every countryman along.”

Prime Minister Modi said that the Opposition never imagined that Article 370 would be history one day. “Seeing their corrupt deeds exposed, people with imperial mindset are filled with frustration, so now these people have openly started threatening to dig Modi’s grave,” he said

“They cannot digest the work BJP is doing. Today, they have become so desperate that they have openly started saying ‘Modi teri kabr khudegi’. But I want to say that these people will keep on conspiring against us but they don’t know that poor, deprived, dalits, tribals are protecting the lotus.”

He went on to say that the BJP has made the nation’s motto their aspiration. He claimed that the BJP was born from the womb of democracy, is nourished by the nectar of democracy, and is working tirelessly for the country while strengthening the country’s democracy and constitution.

“BJP is the party for which the nation has always been paramount. One India-Best India whose faith has been the main mantra. When Jana Sangh was born, we did not have much political experience, nor did we have the means… nor the resources, but we had devotion towards the motherland and the power of democracy, he said.

He further said, “Our dedication is to Mother India… Our dedication is to the crores of people of the country… Our dedication is to the Constitution of the country. Today BJP is synonymous with development and faith… it is synonymous with new ideas and is playing its role as a main servant in the country’s victory journey.”

He went on to say that the BJP has always had faith in the intellect and values of the people of India, referring to the country as the “Mother of Democracy.” He went on to say that his faith has been growing stronger by the day. All we had was ‘Maatr Bhumi Ki Bhakti’ and ‘Lok Tantra Ki Shakti,’ or ‘Motherland Devotion’ and ‘Democratic Power,’ he explained.

He stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Slogan and objective has been “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat.” We didn’t have much political experience or money when Jan Sangh was founded, he added. The BJP’s 44th foundation day is April 6, and the party has planned a variety of events starting at the booth level.

Furthermore, the ruling party of the Government will broadcast Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Thursday in 10 lakh locations across the country. The speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would then be played at Party offices around the country. BJP officials, office bearers, and workers will congregate at party headquarters to hear PM Modi’s speech.