This Karwa Chauth don your lucky colour to infuse rejuvenation in relationship

20 October, 2021 | Mayukh Debnath

Karwa Chauth falls on October 24 (Sunday) of this year. This year, Chaturthi Tithi starts at 3:01 am on October 24 and ends on October 25 at 5:43 am. 

Karwa Chauth is an extremely popular festival that is celebrated throughout the country, particularly in North India. States like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, etc. are some of the northern states where Karwa Chauth is the most important women’s festival. It is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm by married Hindu women every year. 

 When is Karwachauth in 2021

As per Mithila Panchang, Karwa Chauth falls on October 24 (Sunday) of this year. This year, Chaturthi Tithi starts at 3:01 am on October 24 and ends on October 25 at 5:43 am. 

What do women do on this day?

On this day, women keep nirjala fast from sunrise to moonrise, and when the moon rises, they worship it to bless them with marital happiness and long lives to husbands.

Role of colours in this festival

Furthermore, wearing colours as per the moon sign on this Karwa Chauth will help you have more peace and prosperity. It will also rejuvenate relationships and infuse new cupid energy into life. 

Moon Signs and colours to wear this Karwa Chauth 

How to know your moon sign?

One can know once moon sign simply by looking at horoscope and finding a sign in which moon is placed in your natal chart.

Aries If you are an Aries, you should wear clothes of the colour red, or shades of red, preferably the darker ones. You can wear sarees, suits, other indo-western outfits in the colour red as it is considered favourable for you according to your zodiac sign.

Taurus Beautiful Taurus women are ruled by the planet Venus. To make this Karwa Chauth more auspicious, they can wear clothes in colour dark pink and similar shades. 

Gemini Geminis are ruled by the planet mercury. For Geminis crimson-coloured clothes are good to wear this Karwa Chauth. They can also wear green and shades of green. 

Cancer Cancer Is the zodiac sign that is ruled by the moon. The colours that will brighten up your Karwa Chauth are lemon and pineapple yellow. White and shades of white would also be perfect for you. 

Leo The best colours for sun ruled Leos are golden and jasmine white colours. A golden-coloured saree or jasmine coloured salwar kameez will spirit up your Karwa Chauth like no other colour! 

Virgo Virgos are perfectionists, and to make this Karwa Chauth special, the best colour to wear is green. This colour represents the beauty of nature, and wearing it will bring you more harmony. 

Libra The best colours for Libras this Karwa Chauth are the bold colours magenta and monastic blue. Libras are ruled by Venus and will shine the brightest in these colours this Karwa Chauth! 

Scorpio Scorpios or ruled by the planet Pluto, and the best colour for them, to wear this Karwa Chauth will be saffron. Wearing it will make their day even more auspicious. 

Sagittarius They are Known to have jovial personalities. This year, a bright yellow coloured outfit will be a perfect match to make their day full of love and light. 

Capricorn They are known to be one of the most hardworking zodiac signs. This year on Karwa Chauth, the perfect pick for their outfit will be bright yellow! 

Aquarius This year it is violet and lavender for the Aquarius ladies. To make this Karwa Chauth special, these colours should be worn, my Aquarius women. 

Pisces They are known to be very empathetic and generous. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, lemon yellow is the colour of the occasion for Pisces women this year. 

This Karwachauth don your lucky colour and infuse new cupid energy in life. 

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