Tibet Prez Penpa Tsering’s China googly: Resolved to find a middle path to Sino-Tibetan conflict

28 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

Penpa Tsering World

Penpa Tsering was sworn-in as the president of the Central Administration on Thursday. After his appointment, Penpa is resolved to find a middle path and a non-violent solution to Sino-Tibetan conf...

Penpa Tsering, who was sworn-in as the president of the Central Admiration on Thursday, stated that he is resolved to find a middle path and a non- violent solution to the Sino-Tibetan conflict. He vowed to find a mutually benefiting solution, as advocated by the Dalai Lama to improve the ties between the two parties.

Tsering proffered on sending a team of officials to corroborate the claims made by China in its ‘white paper’ on Tibet. The president of the Dharamshala- based-Tibetan government in-exile offered this at his inaugural address. The white papers are documents on the Tibet ownership and its human right situation.

Many of the claims made in these documents criticised the pre- intervention era as a handicapped, backward and undeveloped society. The assertion made reflect on how liberation by the Chinese government led to the social and economic prosperity and reforms. The paper also avouch on how the old Tibet society would not have sustained and eventually collapsed if the Chinese had not intervened.

Penpa Tsering is determined to find a middle approach to the Sino- Tibet conflict and said that the government will “use all ways and means to reach out to the Chinese Government.” And if this does not result into any fruitful resolution, they shall reach out to the International Community.

The communist Party of China does not acknowledge the Central Tibetan Administration and has not held any peaceful talk with them since 2010.