Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Modi: Parivaarwaad a plague; remove every trace of colonialism

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As the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his address to the nation on the 76th Independence day, he didn’t shy away from mentioning that “Parivaarwaad” (Familialism) and corruptions are the shackles by which the nation are caught up by and we need to remove every trace of colonialism.

As PM Modi was concluding his speech, he pointed to achieve the aim of “Viskit Bharat” (developed nation), the nation needs to resolve to get rid of the shackles of Dynasty politics and Corruption.

 “Corruption and ‘Parivaarwaad’ (Familialism/dynasties/nepotism) are two major concerns we face today. Corruption is destroying the country like a termite, and we must resist it. We must promote awareness of ‘Parivaarwaad’ in order to recognise the strength of our institutions and move the country forward on the basis of merit,” said the Prime Minister.

He took a swipe at the opposition by saying that “whenever I talk about ‘Parivaarwaad’ (Familialism), people think that I’m just talking about politics, unfortunately that is not the case, that evil in the political field has nurtured Familialism in every institution of India.”

PM Modi remarked that, in addition to cooperative federalism, which is the bedrock of our democracy, we also require cooperative competitive federalism.

“We require competition for growth. If one state has worked hard to make progress, the other must do even better “He stated.

He also announced the expansion of the Space Mission & Deep Ocean Mission and added that it is the endeavour to provide all possible assistance to the country’s young for research ranging from space to the depths of the ocean, which is the reason for increasing the ‘Deep Ocean Mission and Space Mission’. “The answer to our future can be found in the depths of space and the ocean,” he said.

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