Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Suspicious boat found with three AK47 & bullets in Maharashtra’s Raigad

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A high alert has been issued in the district by the state police as a big conspiracy has been unearthed in Raigad, Maharashtra. AK-47 rifles and explosives have been recovered from two suspicious boats here. Gelatin sticks, three AK-47 rifles and cartridges were also found on these boats. According to the police, two suspicious boats were found on the Harihareshwar beach of the district, on which these AK-47s were kept. Police have declared high alert in the area.

Along with this, the search operation has also been started. After questioning the people around, it is being ascertained whether any suspect has been seen on the boat carrying weapons. Let us tell you that in the Mumbai terror attack on 26 November 2008, terrorists entered Mumbai through boat. In such a situation, the security agencies are alert whether this is a sign of some big conspiracy.

A boat with an AK-47 was discovered near Harihareshwar beach, according to SP Raigad Ashok Dhudhe. He said nothing else about the type of boat it was, including whether it was a speedboat. He said that the probe was ongoing.

According to information from sources, the boat was manufactured in Australia. According to additional information from sources, those on the boat did not alert the coast guards of their approach in the area of Harihareshwar beach.

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