Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ravishankar Prasad: All allegations are baseless, Nitish free to daydream

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Amid all the allegations thrown by Nitish Kumar at the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, BJP senior leader Ravishankar Prasad ridiculed all the allegations and said he’s free to daydream about becoming a prime minister as there is no vacancy for the position.

Where Sanjay Jaiswal declared in an exclusive interview with NewsX that the real face of Nitish Kumar will be shown to the world shortly by the party. Protests will be staged at the party headquarters. Nitish is more than welcome to get involved with the corrupt party.

Ravishankar Prasad went on to say that “Nitish Kumar is Nitish Kumar because BJP took the responsibility of making him a seasoned minister on its shoulders, Atal Ji made him the Union Minister of Railways and Union Minister of Agriculture. In 2002’s election made him the Chief Minister of Bihar, amid all the opposition coming from the JDU MLAs he was again made the CM in 2005. Then he alleged Tejashwi Yadav over corruption but then went ahead to form a government with him. The Population of Bihar is furious that Nitish Ji allied with a corrupt party.”

Giriraj Singh, while quoting others said, it’s not us but Lalu Yadav who has called Nitish Ji a snake and “PaltuRam,” he’s a chameleon and changes colours.”

Also in an exclusive interview with NewsX, he added ” Nitish Ji is making excuses and he’s aiming for something and wishing for something else, It’s evident that he can’t stand alone in the elections. If he wants to become a Prime minister then he should first prove his worth in Bihar by himself in the 2024 elections. BJP has made him the Chief minister time and time again. BJP has given him a lot of respect. But Can’t make him the Prime Minister as the post is too big for him and the position isn’t vacant.”

Nitish Kumar in the political crisis allied with Tejashwi Yadav-led RJD to become the chief minister of Bihar for the eighth time today.

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