Monday, December 11, 2023

Delhi Man hacks transgender’s partner to death, arrested

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According to Delhi Police, a man was detained for allegedly murdering a man and assaulting a transgender person.

According to the police, a PCR call of a conflict involving transgender people was made on Friday and received at Paharganj Police Station. Anil has been named as the suspect.

Blood was all over the floor when police arrived at the scene, and a woman told them that the accused, Anil, had gone to the first floor of the building, where Sunita, a transgender person, resided with Guddu and two other transgender people.

“Anil began to argue with Sunita and Gudu, and during the argument, he knifed them. Gudu’s neck was hurt as a result, while Sunita’s back was hurt. One neighbour took both injured people to the hospital, and police officers caught accused Anil there and then. Later, the hospital sent information stating that Gudu had passed away while receiving treatment “further explained.

During questioning, the suspect Anil admitted that he met Sunita in 2020, and the two of them began living together. Later, Sunita took Rs. 40,000 from him and moved in with Gudu at Multani Dhandha.

Police further said “Due of this, Anil became enraged and frequently used threats against Sunita. He arrived to Sunita’s home on Friday and began a battle over the return of Rs. 40000. During the struggle, he cut them with a knife.” The murder weapon and the accused’s blood-stained clothing were found by the police.

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