Panna: Tigress T-5 was found dead with injuries on her body in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve on Saturday.
According to the Tiger Reserve administration, injuries on her body suggest that the animal may have died in a territorial fight with another big cat.
Tigress T-5 was one of the first big cats brought to the reserve in 2009 after the reserve had lost all of its tigers.
T-5 was brought here from Kanha Tiger Reserve.
Panna National Park is a national park located in Panna and Chhatarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh in India.
Among the animals found here are the tiger, leopard, chital, chinkara, nilgai, sambhar and sloth bear. The park is home to more than 200 species of birds including the bar-headed goose, honey buzzard, king vulture, blossom-headed parakeet, Changeable hawk-eagle and Indian vulture.


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