New Delhi: Fifty-one years after a deadly cyclone wiped it out completely, Dhanuskodi, the lost town of south India still lives to tell its tale. In 1964, a cyclone destroyed the whole island killing almost 1800 people. Ever since, this place has been known as ‘Ghost Town’.
Located 620 kms from Bengaluru, the scorching sun welcomes you with the sand and ruins of few buildings. The perfect place to visit if you are an adventurous traveler and looking for some offbeat destination. You will hardly find any shady place here on this island.
The ruined building of a church depicts the set of a horror movie. Expect goosebumps. The deserted island is occupied by fishermen who live in total isolation and survive only on fish. As of today, the island is home to some 500 people.
Moreover, legend has it that this place has mythological importance too. Some say Ram crossed the sea to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from here by building a bridge. On returning back to India, King Vibhisana asked him to destroy the bridge. So he used the end of his bow at this place to break the bridge. That is how this place got its name Dhanuskodi. The locals claim that the bridge was once visible but when cyclone hit in the 15th century, it was completely destroyed.
The place is safe to visit during day time but it is not advisable to stay after sunset. One can reach this place from Rameswaram. The beach area is clean with crystal clear water and white sand.

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