Out of the three most used public modes of transport, train journeys in India are one of the most used one because of the well-connected network within the country and the cost of travelling compared to other modes of transportation. For many, train journeys serve a perfect escape from their regular life. Train journeys are magical as they take you through and between countryside locations, crossing states after states making you witness what your country packs in-terms of nature, landscape, people, leading their life, their culture and last but not the least the food. For a country like India known for its diversity, train journeys can be a perfect way to explore and know why the country is so diverse. The Indian land topography comprises of high beautiful mountains, ghats, long coastal trail and deserts and the best way to explore such vast beauty and make your vacation worthwhile is by taking one of the many train journeys that Indian Railways offer and let your soul take a dose of fresh ride that will rejuvenate it.

Five best train journeys in India

1) Way to Shimla from Kalka

Shimla, a well-known world famous tourist destination, offers you unlimited beauty hiding in snow capped mountains. The best way to start exploring this scenic destination from every angle and sight is to take a toy train journey to reach to your destination. The journey takes your through some 100 small and big tunnels. This train journey is a must for all those who love to lose themselves in hill stations and the ride will definitely offer the needed escape one is looking for. Don’t forget to create a perfect music playlist to make your journey embedded with background music.

2) From Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla

Indian tourist destination Kashmir needs no introduction as its arguably one of the best know paradise on earth and what acts as a cherry on top in reaching to this destination is Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla train journey. Packed with one of the most beautiful and scenic track that passed through more than 20 tunnels and 100 of bridges crossing one after another Himalayan mountains, this train journey is a must have once in lifetime in the list of your things to do.

3) Reaching new Mumbai (Panvel) via Nizamuddin, Khandva, Igatpuri

This train route of Indian Railways is another perfect way to explore India’s vivid culture. The journey crossed different states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and gives you an insight to the unmatched beauty of chambal, western ghats. This train journey passes though low and big rise mountains, and consider yourself lucky if its raining.

4) Ratnagiri-Madgaon-Honnavar-Mangalore | Konkan Railway

This Konkan route is full of natural majestic and magnificent Sahyadri mountain ranges. Don’t miss the chance to see your turning train when it crosses a number of stunning curves, river bridges, lakes and other water bodies. 

5) Mandapam- Pamban- Rameswaram train journey

Mandapam- Pamban- Rameswaram train journey

Get ready to experience the thrill and adventure by travelling on the the second longest sea bridge in India. Mandapam- Pamban- Rameswaram, again offers your timeless beauty of Indian landscape beauty as it passes through rainy mountains, and different culture regions. Also experience the Pamban Bridge over a flat blue sea on the Palk Strait.

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