They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that makes the travel worthwhile. But avid travellers will know that’s not always the case when it comes to flying. Unruly children, chatty neighbours and armrest-hoggers provide some of the annoying moments that can spoil it all, says a study.

Global search engine Skyscanner has conducted a survey on 1,000 travellers who were asked to list the annoying things they face while flying.

According to the survey, 47% of the respondents said struggle for the arm rest tops their list of the most annoying behaviour that fellow passengers can commit.

It was followed 46% people who said that noisy children irritate them, followed by 37% of the respondents who said overly chatty co-passengers were terribly annoying, said a statement.

Smelly food and left litter received the least hits by travellers, only irking 29% and 33% of Indian travellers, respectively.

On the contrary, offending habits that travellers have admittedly indulged in are losing their temper and itching on the sly while in flight.