British celebrity chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay was seen at his compassionate best in his recent YouTube video where he helps an elderly couple David and Sukie Mollendor, who own a hotel called Hotel Chester, that’s running into losses.

Gordon gets their hotel revamped, placing a huge name plate on the hotel building, which was absent earlier, so that customers can identify there is a hotel down there on the busy street. David and Sukie all excited to have a look inside enter the hotel to find the interiors renovated and redecorated. “I am genuinely thrilled and if I could I would do a somersault backwards and if Gordon would let me, I’d kiss him,” remarked ecstatic David.

The chef continued the series of surprises as he welcomed the Mollendor family to their own ‘Beer Garden,’ refurbished and beautified that would now serve every variety of local beer to customers. Gordon also introduced a new menu for the beer garden that would complement the state of Mississippi and would suit the ‘Beer Garden.’ In addition, Gordon introduces the couple to their new chef, Eric, whose salary would be borne by Ramsay himself.

Ramsay ends the surprise chain with the last and the most touching, yet unexpected one. He gifts the couple a new apartment that he has rented for them and says he will pay for it for 6 months by the time their business starts earning profits for them. This heartwarming gesture left the couple and the entire Mollendor family in tears and melted hearts of all watching this video.

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