Hola there, coffee lovers! Today is an awesome day for you to grab that favourite cup of coffee without burning a hole in your pockets. It is October 28 after all and we are on the verge of month-end with our empty bank accounts desperately waiting for the flow of money in the form of our salaries. Starbucks India is celebrating the opening of their 100th outlet and five years of operation with a mouth-watering offer you would simply not be able to turn down. We have all the details of the offer and have also listed out three of their best drinks so that your taste buds are satiated like never before. Read on!

The offer will be valid at all Starbucks outlets across India on October 28 (Saturday). During the offer period, all beverages will be served at Rs 100(including the tax), you will have to pay for the food though. And that is not all, you can even choose the additional toppings and would not have to pay even a penny extra for this today. Awesome, right? Now that you are all excited and raring to go, we list out best three drinks that you must TRY to make most of the offer.

White chocolate Mocha: A combination of expresso, white chocolate sauce, steamed milk and sweetened whipped cream is used at the Starbucks to churn out this delicious drink. This is one of the most popular drinks at the coffee outlet and if you do not try this out today, when will you? Go, grab it.

Vanilla Latte: Another popular drink at Starbucks prepared with rich expresso, creamy steamed milk, and vanilla syrup. Just writing down the ingredients has got our mouth watering. We are heading straight to Starbucks after this. You wanna join for this yummy drink?

Hot Chocolate: Winters are just around the corner so how about enjoying the chilly Saturday evening with a cup of hot chocolate? The Starbucks favourite is churned out by mixing steamed milk with vanilla and mocha flavoured syrups. The chocolate-flavoured drizzle serves as icing on the cake. Oops! topping on the coffee in this case.
Alright, folks! We would not take any more of your time as you should already be rushing to get your caffeine fix. Enjoy and do thank us later!

Check out these images from Starbucks outlet in Connaught Place #starbucks100: 

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