Leaving behind world’s international airports, Dubai airport has retained the top position among international airport by being the busiest for international passengers in 2017. This is the fourth consecutive time when the Dubai international airport has retained its top position. According to a report, 88.2 million travellers were recorded who travelled to and through Dubai airport. Going by reports, the international traffic at the Dubai airport recorded a 5.5% growth taking the number of passengers to 4.6 million in comparison to the number of previous years.

Dubai has made international headlines for its hospitality and infrastructure growth and emerging a popular tourist destination, or if one can say, one of the best tourist destination in the world. As per a data, the maximum number of visitors are Indians who continue to lead the position with 12.1 million passengers arriving at Dubai airport last year. While Indians lead the charts, British passengers followed at the second place with 6.5 million passengers and Saudis taking the third position with 6.4 million passengers.

According to a report revealing the data doing countrywide classification of passengers showed that the number of Russian passengers rose by 28% to 1.34 million. This was followed by Chinese whose figures increased by 19.4% to 2.2 million. One of the important reason for the Dubai airport to hit a maximum number of passengers and emerge as the top airport in the world is the easing of some of the norms including that visa on arrival. The UAE has relaxed restrictions for both nations — Russia and China.

CEO of Dubai Airports Paul Griffiths said the number of passengers is expected to grow to 90.3 million in 2018 as authorities turn their focus to implementing DXB Plus programme to raise the airport’s annual capacity to 118 million travellers.

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