Well, the Indian tourism has seen an exponential rise in the end of the year 2017. With one crore foreign tourist visited India in 2017, the country has earned around $27 billion dollars. The sector is trying harder to attract foreigners with their new projects. With this remarkable data, India has become one of the top 40 countries most visited places on the Tourism Competitive Index. Union tourism minister KJ Alphons was extremely happy with the numbers as the sector is contributing 6.88% to India’s GDP and had a 12% share of jobs in the total employment figures in 2017.

“I think our sector is doing very well. But am I happy with the numbers? I want these numbers to increase dramatically because India is an incredible place and we have everything for everybody. So we are trying to bring in lot more people,” TOI quoted Union tourism minister KJ Alphons as saying. Last year, India was on 65th place on the Tourism Competitive Index. According to a report in TOI, the ministry sources attributed the improvement to the governments’ operation of infrastructure and initiatives taken by the Swadesh Darshan scheme. “Eleven projects have been sanctioned under this scheme in 2017-18 alone, taking the total number up to 67 projects. The plan is for holistic development of pilgrimage destinations, the Buddhist circuit being a case in point,” a ministry official said.

India is also planning to develop the northeastern states from the perspective of tourism. Officials said while they plan to invite foreign tourists to tee off from India’s manicured golf courses, the effort is also to push niche products — women’s Polo — by popularising for tourists visiting India. “The women’s polo team from Manipur has won critical acclaim for its performance.


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