Delhi, which was once the place where people from across the world use to visit and leave while boasting about its soundness and tranquillity. However, the times have changed now and so is the Delhi’s air. Talking about the current air situation, the schools have been shut; the Delhi government is calling up the environment officials to take a report. Also, is the smoke levels do not come to normal, the national capital will gain be embracing the Odd-Even Rule.

The level of pollutants present in the air has reached to such harmful levels that even the nearby area are also facing the effects. The early morning walks or jogging which were once considered to be healthy, have now been banned by the doctors. As per some medical experts, breathing early morning is Delhi will adversely affect the lungs. The presence of pollutants in the air has reached so high levels that even the visibility has been compromised. The residents’ health has also been affected and even the construction work has been halted to avoid the unnecessary entry of pollutants into the air.

Don’t worry we are not trying to put the government or the concerned authorities in the docks with this article but, this piece will surely help you in escaping the Delhi’s ‘gas chambers’ to some place which cleaner and much more greener. If you’re considering leaving the city, and avoid obvious health complications from the noxious pollution, here are a few places you can escape to.

Well, to be honest, any place apart from Delhi will act like bliss to your lungs but, since the schools have also been shut, turn it into a mini family picnic.

The first option that pops out in our head is Churu, Rajasthan. The place is 4-hour train ride from Delhi. Churu is a 400-year-old Rajasthani town on the fringes of the desert. The place will surely bring out the lost calmness of the lazy life. The place is one of the best options for a getaway if you are bored of the congested roads.

The second place, Punjabiyat, In Punjab is a farm stay that offers a much-needed reprieve for the people who are tired of the city life. The place is just an hour away from Amritsar. The wheat fields of a working farm in the Saidowal-Gunopur village will fill you up with such a joy that you would start thinking of quitting your job. If you are a foodie, this is your first option on the gateway list.

The third option we have for you is Dharamshala and McLeodganj. With a rich presence of monasteries, cafés and curio shop-lined streets the place remains popular getaway from Delhi. Well, if you are planning to go solo on the trip, this is your option as calm mountains and cleaner air will make you feel at peace.

The last place we have to offer to you is, Naggar in Himachal Pradesh. Naggar is the place for all those who think that Manali is over-rated. Naggar is a beautiful place where Beas flows in the shadow of Himalayan peaks, offers plenty of quietude. Explore the 15th century Naggar castle, built in a typical Pahari style with stone and wood, when the town was the capital of the Kullu Valley.

If this doesn’t sound good, we recommend you to close the windows, shut the doors and stay inside as the houses to protect your lungs for future breathing.

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