Goeld, the 100% vegetarian frozen foods brand, unlocks women’s power in the corporate sector. While the ethos of the company ushers in the new world order of vegetarianism, it also unlocks the power of women in the corporate world. A food brand that locks in the goodness of pure and fresh ingredients, is now on a mission to integrate the power that runs the world. Our women.

On the occasion of world women’s day, Shri Bajrang Alliance Ltd. invites women of substance to further our brand’s surge to leadership. We are poised to be stewarded by your better judgment, compassionate leadership, and drive to take brand GOELD to leadership positions.

GOELD has entered your households and broken all shackles that have bound a few among you to domestic chores. Frozen vegetarian delights that have freed you from mundane kitchen responsibilities. This is the time to explore, believe and fly. To actualize your real potential. Being a part of the GOELD team.

The culture at GOELD invites women’s power. To nurture and lead with a belief that women are a core component towards the growth and success of any brand especially in the Food Industry. Captured by Mrs. Akanksha Vashisth, Manager – Finance & Accounts, a proud member of the GOELD team: ‘GOELD is a company that is actively working towards women empowerment and I discovered my potential here. My drive to succeed found its destination. GOELD has actualized my golden dream to be a successful professional. I see my role in its success and am proud of it’.

On the occasion of World Women’s day, brand GOELD invites women’s power to empower its team to surge towards Market leadership.

Women are our future. Truly enshrined in our brand name. GOELD.