World Chocolate is annually celebrated on Saturday, July 7, the day is sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day. Milk, white, dark, the choices of chocolates are overwhelming. But as obesity is becoming a so-called recurring disease, most of us tend to avoid desserts and often spend more of our time running on the treadmill. However, it is said that dark chocolate contains very little to no milk solids (less than 12%) and at least 35% cacao content, which can be consumed for your cheat meals.

Chocolate which melts at just below human blood temperature is so mouth-meltingly satisfying that most of us just can’t ignore it. According to research, hot chocolate tastes best in orange coloured cups.

On this International Chocolate Day we present the best GIFs that are going to make you drool, and surely you are going to a one or any sweet. One cheat meal on weekend does not help!

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Or in case, you don’t want to eat, gifting chocolates to your loved ones, family, and friends might bring a smile on thier face and remove all the tensions, misunderstandings, sorrows and add some sweetness to tour relationship.

A quick fat: Chocolates are the powerhouse of antioxidants, which helps in neutralising the free radicals come out of the metabolism of fat, which further prevents from ageing and age-associated chronic malady.

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