To get paid for traveling the world can be a dream job for many as a person gets everything he desires while traveling and nothing has to be paid by their own pocket and when your love of life comes together to share this experience, the journey becomes more beautiful.

Domi and Frida are such Italian couples who inspire many who want to live their life to the fullest and on their own terms. Domi was just 17 and Frida was sweet 15 when they first met and fell in love from head to toe. Later they choose the conventional professions like Domi became an intellectual chemist and Frida choose the exciting field of architecture, however, they had a huge passion to travel the world and get to know so many different cultures and customs.

Initially, Domi & Frida started their adventurous journey of discovering the world through short trips to places like Paris, Venice, Milan, Mykonos, Positano, and Zakynthos but soon enough these amateur trips transformed into full-fledged big-scale travel plans. To make the world know about their experiences both decided to start their official couple Instagram profile on Instagram and named the page synonym to their lifestyle, @Weloveourlife.

The main purpose to create this page was to update their friends and family members about their travel endeavors but due to their attentiveness, activeness on social media, their creativity in clicking photos and high-end videos the followers on their page increased rapidly to 500K + and now not only their family but whole world enjoy their adventures.

Travel blogging and destination marketing is a crowded field nowadays as easy money and appealing career option, but it requires hard work, time, and efforts as any other field demands to be successful. Domi & Frida also gave good thought to it before choosing it to a full-time career and started as freelance content creators but due to their quality work, they are full-time and successful travel bloggers, leaders in destination marketing, and brand ambassadorship.

To share their soothing and memorial experience of traveling countless places over time with the people around the world, Domi & Frida now have created their own website “”, which inspires a lot of people to follow their dreams and calling to live life to the fullest as they want to live.

The exciting journey of this loving couple shows that there is no second chance of living this life so get the most out of it. Love gives you the confidence to believe in yourself, generating the strength and courage to achieve the impossible feats and conquer the world. To move ahead in life at any situation is the motto of Domi & Frida and both believe that knowing what you want from life is the most important thing and then putting all your efforts to achieve that can take you the places you never imagined.