“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open” is a quote that defines Mr. ShivadityaBarjatya to the fullest. He is a prominent influencer marketer, content creator, entertainer, and digital marketer who loves traveling, exploring, and discovering new places.

Our experiences shape us for life, and each one of us is different from one another in that perspective. Shivaditya believes that traveling helps him always in knowing more about himself as well as the outer world. It is a pathway of discovery and exploration for him to meet new people, learn about their lifestyle, unfold their culture and traditions, food, and customs. He has a firm belief that each person has a different meaning associated with traveling and what it means to them.

Over the years, he met a lot of people. In his personal experience, he understood that it’s not just about going from one place to another but setting yourself free as a discoverer and ultimately embracing the culture, for example- an urban area person would have a belief that traveling involves luxury for them in terms of enjoying the best places to stay, best food and buying lots of expensive luxurious items from the site they have come to visit. Still, Shivaditya is the kind of person who would define himself as a man with nomadic instincts. In his perspective, traveling is more about knowing people and understanding their civilization and how they have evolved in cultural aspects over time, which excites him the most when traveling and exploring new places.

Mr. Shivaditya Barjatya believes that curiosity has always been the driving force behind him pushing his boundary to travel and discover new places more. He recalls his experience with Khardung La – Leh and LahaulSpiti and how the temperature at these places goes on in negative degrees, and it’s freezing out there; also, the people living at these places do not have the very well-built infrastructure and are under equipped. For him, it was pretty fascinating to know how these people and their civilization have survived over the years with such extreme conditions over the years. He is a keen observer, and getting to know about the survival of these people from hundreds and thousands of years before in such places with zero technology at those times, no luxurious life and clothing, inspires him the most to come out of one’s comfort zone. He finds inspiration from his surroundings and has a firm belief that these places leave footprints behind them.

Mr. Shivaditya Barjatya has always been someone who does not believe in following the norms but creates his path by unapologetic and brave choices. He does not have a goal to visit those places which are frequently seen and are quite famous or popular, but what allures him more is going places that are not explored that much and are non – conventional because that way he learns more about their culture and civilization, people have lots of things to share about their traditions and customs. He believes that there is a lot for him to explore still, and he is on his way to do so.

The biggest takeaway from his own experiences is the zeal to be unstoppable when it comes to traveling, exploring, and discovering more places and lifestyles. Thus, he believes that if you are a student of‘life,’ there is a lot to learn.