Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tunisha Sharma death: Sheezan’s sister claims Tunisha’s picture in Hijab is from a shoot

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The family of Sheezan Khan, the lover of prominent television starlet Tunisha Sharma, who was detained on suspicion of abetting her alleged suicide, denied the actor’s uncle’s claim that she began wearing a hijab (headscarf worn by Muslim women) when she met Sheezan.

Her uncle’s reply suggested that her death was the result of a love jihad. Shafaq Naaz, Sheezan’s sister and co-actor, stated at a press conference on Monday that the photograph of Tunisha with a hijab that has been shared online is from a show shoot.

“The picture of Tunisha in a hijab being circulated online is from the set of a show she was shooting for. It can be clearly seen in the image that it was from a set. We never made her wear a hijab,” Shafaq said.
Tunisha’s uncle, Pawan Sharma, claimed on December 28 that her behaviour and lifestyle changed after she met Sheezan and that she even started wearing a ‘hijab’.

Earlier, Sheezan’s advocate Shailendra Mishra alleged that Tunisha’s uncle was also her ‘former manager’ and was fired because of his ‘harsh behaviour’.

“Tunisha’s so-called uncle Pawan Sharma was her former manager, who was fired four years ago as he used to interfere in her affairs and was also rude to her,” he said.

Sheezan’s advocate alleged that Tunisha was scared of another ‘uncle’ from Chandigarh, as he had instigated her mother, Vanita, to strangulate her.

“Tunisha used to panic a lot upon hearing the name of Sanjeev Kaushal (another uncle). On his instigation, Tunisha’s mother broke her phone and tried to strangulate her. Sanjeev Kaushal and Tunisha’s mother used to control her life,” Sheezan’s advocate alleged.

He further alleged that Sanjeev and Tunisha’s mother also managed her finances, so much so that she had to plead with her to utilise her hard-earned money.

“Tunisha and Sanjeev Kaushal had a terrible relationship. Sanjeev and her mother, Vanita used to control her finances. Tunisha often pleaded with her mother for her own money,” Sheezan’s advocate claimed.

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