Two suns appear on US-Canada border? Here’s the truth behind this viral video

21 June, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

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Two suns on US Canada border 2020, Two suns phenomenon explained, Moon hunter's phenomenon 2020: A post has been going viral across the Internet about the presence of two Suns, under a phenomenon c...

A post has been going viral throughout the Internet about a phenomenon called ‘Hunter’s Moon’ that causes two suns to appear in the sky at the same time. This post is accompanied by several images showing multiple instances of this. However, the truth is that it is absolutely fake. The whole thing originated in 2015 and goes viral whenever a solar eclipse ccurs.

Although the pictures showing the two suns are by no means photoshopped, the rest of the post is certainly false. The illusion of two suns is extremely rare and is seen only in the presence of ice crystals in the atmosphere, which happens below temperatures of -30℃. The ice crystals reflect the sun, giving an illusion of two suns exist in the sky.

Sometimes, it might even give the illusion of three suns. This phenomenon is called the Anthelion phenomenon.

While the phenomenon mentioned in the post is completely false (in correspondence to the image), its existence certainly isn’t. Hunter’s Moon can also be called Blood Moon, a phenomenon in which the moon appears red. When the moon is completely enveloped by the earth’s shadow and only little beams of sunlight are able to reach it, the moon turns a shade of red that seems just like blood, hence the name Blood Moon. Since it looks rather sinister with its red color, it is also called Hunter’s Moon, as if a hunter lurking in the night to hunt someone.

People who have been sharing this post, seemingly oblivious to the true phenomenon, believe that this is truly a second sun that has always existed in the universe but was, for some reason, hidden by the space agencies. Several new conspiracy theories have emerged in the wake of these beliefs as to why the existence of the second sun was not revealed.