Tyson Fury in need of assembling a team of sparring partners as he prepares for undisputed world heavyweight title

19 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

Tyson Fury will be partnering with heavyweight boxers with extreme power to prepare for his fight against Anthony Joshua. Efe Ajagba, Tony Yoka, Martin Bakole, Martin Bakole and Apti Davtaev are a...

For partnering him in the preparation against Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury will be selecting heavyweight boxers with extreme power. The WBC champion is ready to initiate his preparation program as a massive world-heavyweight title clash is expected to happen this year. Going a few steps ahead of Fury, we have selected a few probable sparring partners who have the potential of mirroring Joshua’s vigorous hand speed and horrid punches.

Efe Ajagbe

If team fury is planning to include someone who can be an instant threat in the ring, Efe Ajagba comes as a prominent option with the same knockout power and physic as Joshua. Efe Ajagbe is a Nigerian, currently nestled in America. He has performed 11 knockouts in his 14 total wins. One of his competitors even left the boxing ring right before the match, and his gradual growth in WBC rankings has placed him at the 11th position, making him one of the potential challengers for Anthony Joshua.

Ajegba signed for the top place for the similar promotional stable Fury did, emphasizing that the boxing ability he holds is far more superior to Joshua. A flare of confidence has been witnessed in his voice when he firmly stated that skill is the only thing, which can destroy Joshua. He and Joshua both have similar power, but he has a more significant edge as he is better in skills and skills to direct the energy.

Tony Yoka

The name of Tony Yoka, the Olympic gold medalist from France, comes justifiably as this man conquered seven of his nine competitors since he started boxing professionally in 2017. And the spiteful 28 years old boxer is even reluctant to invest as many years as AJ did for securing the world title. He said that four years is too much time, which he can’t afford to grab the world title.

Yoka destroyed Jonus Duhaupas much earlier than he did the same to Deontay Wilder, demonstrating the spiteful finishing capacity he encompasses. Hence, Tony Yoka can be another potential member of the spar Fury.

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Martin Bakole

Martin Bakole is one of the men who have been sparring with Joshua regularly in the last few years. He can be another contender who can enter Fury’s camp as he is skilled in nasty disguised punches with crisp combinations.

Martin Bakole is a Scotland based fighter who has learned a more measured approach in the last fight he had with Sergey Kuzmin. He defeated Kuzmin in that match. And, his thrashing hooks and stinking jabs are enough to make him eligible to enter into Fury’s camp.

Bakole’s coach Billy Nelson has mentioned that when two smart and highly trained fighters share the same ring, they have to be alert every minute they spend inside the ring, which is when Martin and Anthony fight against each other. He also added that the ticking of their brains could be perceived while they spar.

Apti Davtaev

Apti Davtaev, one of Russia’s novel heavyweight boxing beasts, also get secret tips from Sugarhill Steward, Fury’s trainer. It’s better to call him a creature as Apti has gained victory in 20 boxing matches, and 19 of them have come from knockout.

According to Steward, Davtaev is very keen to spar with Tyson as he has the intention to get training from Fury himself. He stated that it would be quite enticing to have Davataev in the camp as Tyson prefers teaching. And, at the last center, the sparring partners had also gained training along with Tyson. Davatev owns monstrous strength, and with his consecutive punches, he can be a great competitor of Joshua if he comes to spar with Fury.

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The fighters mentioned above have the power of entering into Fury’s squad for making it more robust, imitating the massive power and boxing skills Anthony Joshua has.