UK Indian Origin Doctor creates 21 Day Immunity Booster plan to fight off Covid-19, other infections

29 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

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A UK-based Indian-origin doctor, who has been championing an anti-obesity drive as a means to combat the severe effects of COVID-19, on Thursday released a new book that offers a simple, evidence-b...

London: A UK-based Indian-origin doctor, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who has been championing an anti-obesity drive as a means to combat the severe effects of COVID-19, released a new book on how to improve one’s immunity, on Thursday.

‘The 21-Day Immunity Plan: How to Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health and Resilience to Fight Infection’ is seen as a tried and tested method of one can remove or reduce the underlying risk factors that exacerbate infections, including coronavirus.

According to Malhotra, poor metabolic health and poor immune function are connected. Thankfully, he says we can improve our health in just a few weeks, by following a good diet, reducing stress and being more aware of our own wellbeing.

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In consulting with UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who was lookjng for evidence linking opbesity and Coronviurs, he wrote the book, which will hit the shelves in India in the coming weeks, in just six weeks as he and his publishers wanted it out as soon as possible to help readers build resilience to infection, given the current coronavirus pandemic.

He says that obesity is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ with regards to susceptibility to this virus.

His book lays out the many benefits of to global health from changes in lifestyle. he has himself been following and prescribing these changes to his patients and has seen positive results.  Among the many followers of this health routine is British-Indian filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, who is on course to reverse her type 2 diabetes.

He warned Indians to urgently cut out ultra-processed foods from their diet to build resilience, during the peak fo the Covid-19 pandemic earlier on this year. He feels India is especially vulnerable to this virus, due to a high amount of lifestyle related disease.

Malhotra warns that the medications that are used for type 2 diabetes and many of the other conditions have very, very marginal effects in terms of improving lifespan or reducing risk of death and they also come with side effects. Now his new book hopes to further highlight the importance of lifestyle changes in fighting against some of these conditions.

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