UK MPs initiate probe against £300 million aid to Pakistan

12 February, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Imran Khan World

Pakistan received over 300 million aid from UK between 2019 and 2020. The aid was supposed to be used in sectors of human development and environment. However, no significant developed in these are...

UK MPs on Thursday have launched a probe against the aid provided to Pakistan in last two years. Pakistan, which receives the highest amount of aid from UK, received over 300 million aid from UK between 2019 and 2020, through a range of agencies like NGOs , private contractors and multilateral agencies. While the aid is provided to Pakistan in hopes of improvement in sectors of human development, environment and as humanitarian aid, no significant development has been seen so far.

As a consequence, the House of Commons international development committee, which constitutes of MPs from various different parties, will now be conducting an inquiry on how and where the money is being spent and whether it has made any impact.

Despite the aid, two-third of Pakistan’s population continues to live in poverty, half of the population cannot read or write, 22.6 million children do not go to school. With a significant population growth in the past few years, problems like unemployment, inequality, high risk of natural disasters, maternal mortality, influx of refugees continues to escalate. Moreover, extremism and militancy continue to pose roadblock in Pakistan’s road to development.

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If UK decides to revoke its aid, problems for Pakistan are bound to rise as it already reeling the under massive debt. Latest reports suggest that Pakistan has also informally asked China to ease the terms of repayment of debt under Belt and Road initiative.

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