Friday, December 1, 2023

Ukraine-Russia conflict exposes western media and Europe’s racist attitude

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There have been several reports of racial discrimination that have emerged out of Ukraine in this time of crisis. Earlier, several Indian students were assaulted and manhandled by Ukrainian border guards at a border crossing between Ukraine and Poland. Recently, a CNN journalist, Bijan Hosseini, shared the ordeal of her adopted sister from Sierra Leone and accused Ukrainian personnel at the border crossing of segregating people on the basis of skin colour and letting fair-skinned Ukrainians cross the border first.

However, it’s not just Ukrainian authorities that are being slammed for racism on the internet. Netizens have called out the racist attitude of Ukraine’s deputy chief prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze. In a TV interview with BBC, David expressed concerns only for “European people with blue eyes and blonde hair” being killed during the conflict in his country. The prosecutor stated, “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed.”

Another comment with a racist overtone came from a CBS correspondent who drew comparisons between Asian and European countries during his coverage of the conflict in Ukraine and said, “This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan… This is a relatively civilized, relatively European city.”

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