Thursday, September 29, 2022

46 found dead in San Antonio, Texas tractor-trailer

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On Monday (local time), at least 46 individuals were found dead inside a tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas.

According to WOAI TV in San Antonio, the victims were suspected to be migrants, and the vehicle was discovered adjacent to train lines in the city’s Southwest Side neighbourhood, according to Sky News. According to accounts, the vehicle was discovered adjacent to train tracks in a secluded spot on the city’s southern fringes.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott verified the horrific tragedy on Twitter, writing, “At least 42 individuals were discovered dead inside the truck.” “These murders are the fault of Biden. They are the consequences of his lethal open border policy.”

According to unnamed San Antonio police sources, 16 survivors were transferred to several local hospitals. The San Antonio Police Department has yet to issue an official statement.

There has been no word on what caused the deaths, although temperatures in San Antonio, around 160 miles (250 kilometres) from the Mexican border, reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 degrees Celsius) on Monday, according to Sky News.

The Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs stated that a consul is on its way to the area, but that the nationalities of the deceased remain unclear.

“Tragedy in Texas. Reportedly suffocated in trailer box,” he wrote on Twitter.

San Antonio Police haven’t confirmed anything officially but told Sky News that a news conference will be held.

Archbishop Gustavo, a Catholic priest in San Antonio lamented the tragedy so soon after the Uvalde shooting, writing on Twitter, “Lord have mercy on them. They hoped for a better life. Lord after Uvalde and now this, help us! We need you! So many people suffering. God, God, God.”

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