Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Gazipur bomb scare: Probe reveals IED was part of Pak bomb consignment

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The IED discovered in the Ghazipur flower market on Friday was part of a 24-bomb consignment sent to local terrorists by the Pakistani deep state, either by land or by water, from over the border. Other devices recently discovered in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab are likely to be part of the same cargo, and some may have been smuggled into Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

The Ghazipur device was a tiffin bomb, according to senior Delhi Police detectives, with three kilos of RDX as the primary charge and ammonium nitrate as a secondary charge. The weapon, which was placed in a steel tiffin with nails and ball bearings could be detonated remotely. According to sources, these IEDs were carried across the border to established sleeper modules as well as certain criminal gangs in India. This IED discovery has been related to a terror plot busted by Delhi Police in September 2021, which resulted in arrests in Mumbai, Lucknow, Allahabad, and Delhi. The IED cargo, according to Delhi Police investigators, landed in India around the time of the country’s independence. While the Delhi Police and security agencies continue to gather more IEDs from the cargo, Hindustan Times has established that a few of these explosives have also found their way into Gujarat by sea and into Uttar Pradesh by land.

The latest Ludhiana explosive bomb is thought to be part of the same cargo, and more devices might have been sent through sleeper cell networks in Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Gujarat as part of the broader plan. Meanwhile, on the same morning, the Amritsar STF found 5kg of RDX from Attari’s village, Dhanoa Kala. The explosive was defused on the spot by the Bomb Disposal Squad. The troops also discovered six AK 47 rifle rounds, two grenades, three UBGL, seven detonators, three fuses, a bag, and a pouch, in addition to the RDX.

In the matter, a senior security official who did not want to be identified said that it appears that radicalized elements in India are being tasked from across the border to plant devices on pre-arranged targets or use local criminal elements to accomplish the task. He went on to say that a nationwide alert has been issued to prevent a terrorist attack.

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