Ahead of the announcement of the Union Budget 2018-2019, every industry is eyeing what the Finance Ministry of India will bring up in this year’s budget to further facilitate various sector on the path of development. For the country’s growth, both on the economic and social ground, it is very important for a nation to give maximum attention and leverage to its education sector and a proper spending plan, organised implementation of the funds and resources can lead the way for nation’s development and upliftment of society. So ahead of the Budget 2018-2019, let’s take a brief look at some of the big points which the country’s education sector may expect from the government.  

Areas where the education sector expects the Union Budget to pay attention

According to a leading daily and going by industry experts, there are a number of things which the education sector expect from the Union government. Out of several things, issues like checking whether students who may have completed their elementary education but do they really have reading and arithmetic skills, allocation of funds to districts so that they can be applied for learning enhancement, taking note from India’s social sector indicators which does not give a good idea of nation’s performance and lags in the WEF inclusiveness index. 

Proper implementation of funds, reforms, education and tax exemption on digital products and services

One of the most important aspects of any budget is that it should be uniformly distributed among various sub-sector of the given industry. There is an ever-changing need for reform and innovation, therefore maintaining the bar and education standards at par with the happenings and standards around the world should be a priority for the government. Therefore, no GST or income tax for companies who are venturing into providing new ways to deliver education using online modes will further motivate industry players. 

More focus on teacher training 

The budget should focus more on training for teachers, research and development to further strengthen the sector. This will help in the overall development and will further help improving access to education at all levels. 

Making availability of books, notebooks and tax exemption on digital products and services 

The easy, cheap and updated availability of books, notebook plus exemption on digital education products will boost the education sector and motivate people to have an inclusive growth.


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