Unlock 5.0: Sports Ministry issues SOP for training at swimming pools

10 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Sports Ministry has issued detailed guidelines for use of swimming pools for sportspersons after MHA allowed pools to open for the purpose of training in Unlock 5. Covid task force will ensure stri...

Chlorine levels in the swimming pool will be measured 45 minutes before the start of practice and a maximum of 20 swimmers can train during one particular session in the pool (50 M, 10 Lane)–these are some of the notable points mentioned in Sports Ministry’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued on Friday.Also, 16 swimmers are allowed in 25 M, 50 M 8 lane pools according to the SOP issued for opening of swimming pools outside the containment zones. Athletes/coaches/facility staff who begin to cough/sneeze/above normal temperature for any reason must move away from others until coughing/sneezing dissipates.

Moreover, in case of above normal temperature, a coach or staff member should ask athletes, as they come into practice, specifically listing certain symptoms, and send home those athletes reporting illness or experiencing symptoms.According to the SOP, obligatory self-declaration (could be in the form of text message) of the infection-free condition by players and staff re-joining the centre shall be provided to COVID Task Force officers before entering the premises.

Also, all personal training equipment belonging to an athlete shall be disinfected while the athlete is inducted into the training centre.For residential trainees, they need to produce a negative COVID Report 72 hour/96 hours before arrival to the centre followed by 14 days quarantine period. On the 6th/7th Day of the quarantine period, another COVID Test must be conducted.Thereafter, trainees can mix with the other quarantined trainees only and not with other trainees staying in the campus. Only after completing 7 more days, they can mix with other trainees.

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Residential athletes requiring usage of common shower areas shall ensure soaps, towels and any other utility is not shared”Use of Arogya Setu app shall be made mandatory for all athletes and staff at the centre.The Task Force shall ensure a 100% coverage of Arogya Setu among all athletes and staff at the centre,” the Sports Ministry said in an official statement.”The Task Force shall include Facility In Charge (as Chairman), COVID officer and Chief Coach as members,” it added.

Also, while swimming one must follow directions for spacing and stay at least six feet apart from others and should not make physical contact with others or giving a high five.One also must avoid physical contact with other swimmers when taking a break. Coaches are advised to follow workouts to maintain basic fitness and endurance of the swimmers.”In case of a positive result, COVID-19 is a notifiable disease and Local public health authorities must be immediately informed and steps are taken as per instructions of the health authorities,” the Sports Ministry said.

“All packed supplies delivered at centre shall be placed in an open area for a period of 24hrs (cardboard packing) or 72 hours (plastic packing) before usage. Unwrapped items like fruits or vegetables shall be washed under running water immediately after being delivered at centre,” it added.This SOP applies to all SAI and non-SAI centres wherein training of sportspersons may resume, provided no orders of the local authorities prohibit such facilities.

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