Sunday, December 10, 2023

UNSC condemns ‘horrendous’ attack against Kabul educational centre

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The UN Security Council (UNSC) strongly denounced the terrorist assault on the Kaaj Educational Center on Friday in Kabul and reiterated that all Afghans have a right to education and that it is essential to achieving peace and security.

The strike, which came after other previous assaults on civilians and civilian infrastructure around Afghanistan, especially in settlements of religious minorities, left more than 60 people dead or injured, many of them students.

In a statement, the Security Council members strongly denounced the horrifying terrorist assault that took place against the Kaaj Educational Centre on September 30 in Kabul’s Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood.

The Security Council members sent their condolences and sincere sympathies to the relatives of the deceased, as well as their best wishes for a quick and complete recovery for the injured.

“The right of all Afghans to education and its value in fostering peace and security were reiterated by the Security Council members.

They voiced great concern over the severe effects of school assaults on student safety and their capacity to exercise their right to an education “the UNSC said in a statement.

The Security Council members reiterated that one of the biggest risks to global peace and security is terrorism, in all of its manifestations and forms.

The Security Council members stressed the need of identifying and prosecuting those responsible for these abhorrent terrorist crimes, including the perpetrators, planners, funders, and sponsors.

They urged all States to effectively cooperate with all pertinent authorities in line with their responsibilities under international law and pertinent Security Council decisions.

The Security Council members reaffirmed that all acts of terrorism, regardless of their purpose, wherever they are perpetrated, whenever they occur, and by whoever, are unlawful and unjustified.

They reaffirmed the necessity for all states to use all available means to combat threats to international peace and security posed by terrorist acts in accordance with the United Nations Charter and other obligations under international law, including international human rights law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law.

These explosions occur as the Taliban, who overthrew the US-backed civilian government in Afghanistan last year, have been in power for a whole year. Rights organisations said that the Taliban had repeatedly breached their promises to uphold women’s and human rights.

The Islamic authorities severely restricted the rights of women and girls after seizing Kabul in August of last year. They also repressed the media, arbitrarily imprisoned, tortured, and summarily murdered critics and perceived enemies.

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