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NewsX A-List: Sanjana Sanghi Unveils the Raw Passion Behind ‘Dhak Dhak’ and Her Journey in Cinema

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In a recent exclusive interview on ‘A List’ with Uday Pratap Singh, the spotlight was on the talented and versatile actress, Sanjana Sanghi. Known for her recent success in the path-breaking film ‘Dhak Dhak’, Sanjana engaged in a candid conversation, revealing her insights into the film’s unconventional narrative and her personal experiences during its production. With her engaging demeanor and passion for social causes, Sanjana offered a glimpse into her multifaceted persona, both as an artist and an advocate for change.

When asked about the response of ‘Dhak Dhak’, Sanjana expressed her gratitude, attributing the film’s success to its raw passion and instinct, rather than adhering to mainstream Hindi cinema’s commercial tropes. She emphasized the significance of her decision to trust her instincts, which has now been validated by the positive response from the audience.

Discussing the film’s unconventional approach, with its four female leads coming from diverse backgrounds, Sanjana remained humble, hoping that the film would eventually make a significant impact on the audience. Despite the limited theatrical release initially, she expressed optimism about the film’s potential to reach a wider audience and possibly be considered ‘path-breaking.’

Reflecting on her interactions with veteran actresses Dia Mirza and her co-star Fatima Sana Shaikh during the filming, Sanjana described the experience as an “electric blast,” highlighting the joy of working in an ensemble cast. She cherished the moments spent bonding with her co-stars, particularly mentioning the inspiration she drew from Dia Mirza, with whom she had previously collaborated on various projects with the UN.

Addressing the topic of bike riding, as seen in the film, Sanjana admitted that she was not a biker in real life, especially considering her upbringing in Delhi, where riding bikes, particularly Enfield, was not a norm for girls. However, she regarded her training and experience with biking for the film as a valuable challenge, proving that seemingly impossible feats can be achieved with determination.

Regarding her passion for travel, Sanjana explained that growing up in Delhi she saw across India but could not have a chance to travel the world. Nonetheless, as she grew older, her love for traveling intensified, often determined by her culinary interests, leading her to explore various countries.

Dedicated to making an impact beyond her acting career, Sanjana emphasized her commitment to advocating for social causes, a passion that has been a driving force in her life. Having been appointed as the UNDP Youth Champion, she felt a sense of fulfillment in combining her interests in art and social work to drive positive change.

When discussing her film choices, Sanjana emphasized her reliance on instinct rather than calculation, aiming to avoid repeating roles and experiences she had already encountered. She acknowledged the challenges of preserving this instinct as her career progresses but remained determined to stay true to her artistic inclinations.

Anchor Uday Pratap Singh concluded the interview by expressing his hope for Sanjana’s continued success, acknowledging her commitment to her craft and social causes.

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