Tuesday, November 28, 2023

UP: Student Dies After Rape, Accused Says He Took Energy Pill

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A 25-year-old male has been detained in connection with the alleged rape of a college student in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, who later passed away from massive internal bleeding.

The man, Raj Gautam, allegedly sexually assaulted her when she was home alone.

The individual admitted to using a performance-enhancing drug before the act throughout the inquiry. Despite her protests, the girl was repeatedly raped until she collapsed and began bleeding from her privates, according to the authorities. When Gautam noticed this, he became alarmed and fled, leaving her bleeding.

Later, when her younger sister went back home, she saw the victim lying still on the bed. Police added that after being transferred to the hospital, the medical staff confirmed her dead. Rape was proven by the post-mortem.

The authorities said that she died as a result of excessive bleeding brought on by major injuries to her private areas.

The victim’s father had originally claimed that a neighbour and a 65-year-old lady were responsible. The victim’s cell phone data, however, led to Gautam’s arrest.

“When the victim was alone, Gautam revealed that he went to her residence and raped her, leaving her with serious bleeding from her private areas. When Gautam noticed this, he left the area “Siddhartha Shankar, the police superintendent, spoke to a news organisation.

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