Saturday, December 2, 2023

UP Assembly to reserve the day today for women MLAs

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The UP Legislative Assembly is preparing to set aside a day on Thursday for female lawmakers to speak and bring up female-centric topics in the House, in an innovative move.

The House was notified by Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana that the Business Advisory Committee of the House had decided to reserve September 22 for women members at its meeting on September 19. Women members will be permitted to speak during question time, he claimed.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister, would also be present in the House to hear any grievances that the female members may bring up, according to Mahana. On Thursday, Suresh Khanna, the minister for parliamentary affairs, pleaded with the Speaker to allow women on the UP assembly staff.

The 403-member UP Legislative Assembly only has 47 female MLAs.

Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council sessions of Uttar Pradesh’s legislature started on September 19 and will last through September 23.

The Speaker further exhorted the members to submit their arguments politely and in accordance with the rules of procedure, and to ensure that a favourable climate existed for the discussions. Suresh Kumar Khanna, the minister of parliamentary affairs, also addressed at the event.

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