UP-Bihar Covid situation worsens: Over 100 dead bodies floating in Ganga triggers panic

12 May, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Ganga river National

71 dead bodies have been discovered floating on the banks of River Ganga near Bihar’s Buxar district followed about 25 bodies near UP’s Ghazipur district. The incident trigged panic in the two stat...

Even as the Covid-19 situation improves in Delhi-NCR and Maharastra, the upward trend of cases in Uttar Pradesh has become a cause of concern. In particular, it is the rural areas in the state that have reported a rapid and massive surge in the positivity rate. Of the 700+ districts, about 533 districts are witnessing a surge in cases, with Meerut being the worst affected. This increased caseload has put the healthcare system under immense pressure, leading to shortage of ventilator beds, oxygen cylinder and essential medical services.

A horrifying incident that has particularly left everyone in shock is the discovery of 71 dead bodies floating on the banks of River Ganga near Bihar’s Buxar district followed by the discovery of about 25 bodies near UP’s Ghazipur district.

Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Tuesday addressed the issue and said that floating bodies in Ganga is unfortunate and surely a matter of investigation. He added that the Modi government is committed to maintaining the piety and continuity of Ganga and the states (Bihar and UP) must take cognisance of the matter immediately.

Amid the Covid-19 wrath, another challenge that has caused panic is the detection of black fungus in three Covid-19 patients in Meerut. Dr Sandeep Garg, Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician, speaking to a news portal, said that the Covid-19 patients who are being administered steroids, are diabetic or under chemotherapy are facing new challenges due to this. He added that the fungus is largely attacking people who have low immunity and are in a serious co condition.