Thursday, November 30, 2023

UP Madrasas to recite National Anthem before classes

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In the recent meeting of UP Board of Madarsa Education, it has been announced that all madrasas across Uttar Pradesh will have to begin classes after the recital of the national anthem. This action plan will be implemented from the new session.

At a meeting led by the chairperson on Thursday, the board made several decisions about tests, attendance, and teacher recruitment.

Several decisions related to examinations, attendance and recruitment of teachers were taken by the board at a meeting headed by the chairperson on Thursday.

Stating that madrasa board exams would be held from May 14 to May 27, he said that as decided at a meeting in October last year subjects like Hindi, English, maths, social sciences and science would be made mandatory from the next academic session for students up to senior secondary level.

With the addition of these subjects, six examination papers will be required. Until now, these subjects were optional and were taught using NCERT textbooks.

The new session will also see the introduction of biometric technology for teacher attendance as well as the facility for students to register online.

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