US acts tough on Russia: announces sanctions over Navalny’s assassination

3 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Vladimir Putin (File Pic) World

The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on seven Russian Government officials for poisoning the opposition leader, Alexi Navalny.

The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on senior Russian Government officials for poisoning the opposition leader, Alexi Navalny. This must be perceived as the beginning of a stricter approach towards Moscow in comparison to Donald Trump.  The United States demanded that Navaly must be  must be released from detention. The sanctions, on the other hand block all access to financial assets for at least seven top most officials around Vladimir Putin, but not Putin himself. 

This action signals Biden’s administration treatment of Russia which will be effectively different from its predecessor. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken commented that there will be severe consequences of Russia abusing human rights and use of chemical weapons. He espoused that use of chemical weapons will be unacceptable and violates international norms. 

Calling Navalny’s detention and prosecution as a political motivated move, Blinken stated that Russia must immediately release Navalny. It cannot be denied that Trump had blatantly chose to ignore and defend Putin’s actions. For the Biden administration, the diplomatic relationship with Russia poses a challenge. 

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The USA condemns Russia for undermining the U.S. and the European elections, encouraging cyber attacks and also engaging in threatening its neighbor, Ukraine. The US fears that Russia is assuming authoritarianism and not paying attention to the sanctions imposed on Tuesday. White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki stated that they are prepared for the challenges posed by its relationship with Russia. ” We are neither seeking to reset our relationship with Russia,  nor are we seeking to escalate”. The intent behind the comment was to suggest that the Biden administration would not follow the footsteps of Barack Obama, under whom an attempt was made to reset the relationship with Russia. 

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