US slams China’s ‘direct attack’ on Hong Kong’s autonomy; condemn Xi’s move to overhaul HK elections

9 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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The US slams China over its newly proposed veto powers on Hong Kong's selection of lawmakers and politicians terms the move as a 'direct attack' on the territory's autonomy.

The United States has called out China’s moves to change the electoral process and termed it to be a ‘direct attack’ on the country’s autonomy and its democratic processes stating that Washington is working to take a ‘galvanizing collective action against China’s abuses.

While interacting with the media, State Department spokesperson Ned Price stated that the proposed measures are a direct attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy, Hong Kong’s freedom, and the Democratic processes. he further said that the move violated Hong Kong’s basic law structure that took effect in  1997 when Britain handed over the financial hub to China.

The US slammed China’s ‘continued assaults on democratic institutions in Hong Kong’ and Washington is working towards rallying allies and partners to stand united and speak in one voice against China’s abuses against minority Muslims in the Xianjing province and the repressive measures taken by China against the people of Hong Kong.

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Talking about the implementation of these measures, Ned price said that these measures would drastically undermine Hong Kong’s democratic institutions and they run directly counter to the basic law’s clear acknowledgment that Hong Kong elections would further progress towards universal suffrage.  he also added that the United States stands together with the people of Hong Kong who are seeking nothing more than universal rights, which they are owed.

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