US lawmakers introduce bill to scrap ‘One-China Policy’, resumes diplomatic relations with Taiwan

3 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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A bill has been introduced by Republican lawmakers in the house of representatives to scrap the outdated and counter-productive- 'One China Policy'

Two US top  Republican lawmakers- Tom Tiffany and Scott Perry, introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives calling for the US to end the outdated ‘One-China Policy’ and to resume its diplomatic relations with Taiwan. The US had maintained diplomatic relations with Taiwan till the year 1979 after then-President Jimmy Carter broke off all ties with Taipei and acknowledged the communist regime in China’s Beijing.

China sees Taiwan as a rebel province that must be merged with the mainland even if it requires China to use force. The bill suggests the Joe Biden-led US administration to support Taiwan’s membership in international forums and organizations and initiate negotiations with Taipei to form a US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement.

All the American Presidents, of both the Democratic and the Republic party till date, have supported China’s claim over Taiwan for more than 40 years and supported China’s stand of Taiwan being a part of Communist China- despite the objective reality suggesting otherwise that it’s clearly not and the ‘One China Policy” is outdated.

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Lawmaker Scott Perry said that Taiwan is an independent country and it has been so for the past 70 years. Former President  Ronald Reagan had earlier updated the relationship during his tenure by introducing ‘Six Assurances’ which stated that the US did not recognize Communist Chinese claims of sovereignty over Taiwan.

The two lawmakers while introducing the bill underlined that despite the ‘Six Assuarances’ and the bipartisan Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), the US still lacks formal ties with Taiwan. Tom Tiffany, while proposing an amendment in 20202 asserted that America does not need a permission slip from the Chinese Communist Party to talk to its friends and partners around the world. ‘Taiwan is a free, democratic and independent country and its time US policy reflected that fact” He further added.

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