Thursday, November 30, 2023

US to speed up arms sales to its allies to counter China: Report

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US will increase the pace of its military sales to friends and partners in an effort to surpass China.

In order to more effectively compete with nations like China, the US will speed up arms sales to friends and partners by removing a number of bureaucratic roadblocks that might create delays. Article states that Defense Department initiated a drive on Friday to simplify US arms sales to other nations, particularly to friends and partners that have given the Ukraine military hardware.

Although US assured its European partners that it would be able to refill its supplies after they had given Ukraine military hardware, the US defence sector is currently experiencing a backlog, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to research, US might expedite weapons sales by having US defence personnel assist foreign governments in formulating initial requests for military hardware. This would help prevent delays brought on by demands that raise security concerns.

According to article, because Defence Department only accepts contracts for specific military equipment once a year, nations who do not place their orders by the Defence Department’s deadline must wait until the next year.

However, in light of the aim to expedite arms sales to allies, the report states that the State Department is presently engaging with the Defense Department on this topic.

The potential sales coincide with rising hostilities between Washington and Beijing over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s divisive trip to Taiwan.

This month’s visit by Pelosi to Taiwan led to an increase in regional tension. Since the US delegation’s visit, Beijing has begun extensive military drills near the island, including live-fire drills and military aircraft overflights that are quite close to Taiwan’s airspace.

In the meanwhile, two US Navy vessels made the first crossing of the Taiwan Strait since China conducted massive military exercises near the island.

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