Uttar Pradesh: 3 migrants killed, more than 12 injured as truck overturns in Mahoba

19 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

Mahoba accident National

Uttar Pradesh: 3 migrants dead, more than 12 injured as truck carrying them overturned on Jhansi-Mirzapur highway last night.

Uttar Pradesh: 3 migrant labourers were killed and more than 12 were injured after a truck carrying them overturned on Jhansi-Mirzapur highway last night. Reports reveal that total of 17 people were traveling in the truck. ML Patodar, SP Mahoba revealed that the accident happened due to tyre burst. The migrants were returning from Delhi. The injured have been taken to the hospital.

Some days back, 24 labourers also lost their lives and more than 30 were injured after a vehicle carrying the migrants collided with another in Auraiya district in Uttar Pradesh. This won’t be wrong to say that in the lockdown, mishaps involving migrants who are traveling back to their hometowns are being reported from all across the country.

Recently, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also thanked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for giving permission to run 1000 buses for making traveling easy for migrant workers. She said that the cost of all these buses will be borne by Congress and this is just a small way of helping thousands of brothers and sisters walking in Uttar Pradesh. She said that she assures on behalf of UP Congress that they will stand by their side in this lockdown.

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Not just this another accident has been reported in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal where four migrants were killed and 15 injured after a bus carrying them crashed into a truck in Yavatmal early morning today. Reports reveal that the bus from was traveling from Solapur to Jharkhand.