Sunday, December 10, 2023

UP Sex ratio improves: Girls’ enrolment in schools increases

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Crimes against women and children have fallen dramatically in Uttar Pradesh as a result of enhanced law and order, the administration said on Sunday.

The state has seen a considerable decrease in child marriages, as well as an improvement in the sex ratio and an increase in the number of females enrolled in school. While the government has promised swift action in cases of violence against women, the benefits of its programmes are also reaching them across the state and sections, according to the statement.

While discussing the decline of crime against women, Yogi Adityanath stated, “According to the NCRB 2021 numbers, while the national average of crimes against women is 64.5 percent, Uttar Pradesh’s average is just 50.5%. Similarly, compared to the country’s national average conviction rate of perpetrators in crimes against women of 26.6 percent, Uttar Pradesh’s conviction rate was 59.1 percent.”

“Similarly, whereas the national rate of child marriage was 23.3 percent between 2019 and 21, the rate in Uttar Pradesh was just 15.8 percent, according to the National Family Health Survey-5. In terms of sex ratio, the country had 929 daughters born per 1000 people during 2019-21, while Uttar Pradesh had 941. It should be mentioned that in 2015-16, this figure was just 903 “Yogi elaborated.

In terms of programme execution, the state operates up to 80 pink buses for the safety and respect of women. According to the statement, more than 100 pink booths have been put up, and 110 ‘Pink Patrols’ are in action.

Furthermore, the school currently enrols two crore females. There are presently 240 public speaker systems in bus terminals. In each district, a Women and Children Protection Plan has been prepared. Gender sensitization sessions have been given in all districts. In addition to the 11528 drivers who have received practical training, the state has created 18 forensic labs.

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