Vande Bharat Mission: Stranded overseas Indians see a ray of hope as first flight from UAE takes off, INS Jalashwa reaches Maldives

7 May, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Vande Bharat Mission National

Vande Bharat Mission has commenced from today with the first flight operating from UAE's Abu Dhabi to Kochi and INS Jalashwa's arrival in Maldives's Male to evacuate stranded overseas Indians.

Vande Bharat Mission: In one of India’s biggest evacuation operations since Independence starting today, i.e May 7, Indian citizens stranded in 12 countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Singapore, US, Kuwait and Qatar will brought back via 64 flights under Vande Bharat Mission and naval ships under Operation Samudra Setu.

The process of repatriation has begun from United Arab Emirates (UAE). 2 special flights have been arranged to facilitate the evacuation process. While the first flight is from Abu Dhabi to Kochi, the other one is from Dubai to Thoothukudi. The list of passengers has been drawn by the Indian embassy in UAE.

Ahead of the flight, the Embassy of India in UAE ensured that all the departing passengers undergo medical screening before boarding the flight. After following all the compulsory safety guidelines on the flight, the passengers would have to quarantine themselves for a given time period.

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As the first set of flights take off from Abu Dhabi, INS Jalashwa has entered Maldives to facilitate the repatriation of about 1000 Indians stranded in Malaysia. INS Magar is also on its way to bring back another set of 1000 stranded Indians. On Thursday, Ministry Of Defence said the naval ships have been sent in the Indian Ocean with medical teams and aid supplies. These ships will bring back Indian national evacuees. Upon their arrival, the evacuees will be quarantined at 6 facilities at Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bhopal, Kochi, Visakhapatnam and Chennai.

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