Monday, December 4, 2023

PM Modi: Varanasi’s International Cricket Stadium to Aid Cricketers and Drive Purvanchal’s Economic Growth

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed the significance of the International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi, emphasizing its potential to not only benefit sportspersons but also stimulate the economy of eastern Uttar Pradesh (Purvanchal). During the foundation stone-laying ceremony, PM Modi expressed his gratitude, stating, “Today, I am honored to revisit Banaras, and my emotions in this sacred city are beyond expression.”

He further drew a spiritual analogy, saying, “The moon and Kashi are two abodes of ‘Shiv Shakti,’ and today I congratulate you from one of these abodes of Shiv Shakti for our victory in landing on the other.” PM Modi stressed the stadium’s pivotal role in nurturing youth in Purvanchal, describing it as a boon for the region.

Additionally, the Prime Minister noted the auspiciousness of the occasion, coinciding with a month since India’s Chandrayaan mission successfully landed on the Shiva Shakti Point on the moon. He remarked, “This location, Ganjari, strategically connects the revered Mata Vindhyavasini Dham and the city of Kashi.”

PM Modi paid homage to the late Rajnarayan, an eminent figure in Indian democracy from the nearby village of Motikot. He underlined the increasing demand for modern sports infrastructure due to the rising number of cricket matches and positioned this stadium as a beacon meeting this escalating demand in Purvanchal.

PM Modi declared that the stadium would symbolize India’s promising future, expressing gratitude to Kashi for its unwavering support in every development initiative. He emphasized that without the blessings and cooperation of the city, achieving developmental goals would be impossible.

Furthermore, PM Modi highlighted the far-reaching impact of sports infrastructure, asserting that it not only elevates the sports sector but also significantly stimulates the local economy. He foresaw the stadium attracting numerous events and visitors, subsequently benefiting various sectors such as hospitality, catering, transportation, and sports coaching. He envisioned the flourishing of the sports industry in Varanasi as a result of this monumental project.

As the representative of Varanasi in Parliament, PM Narendra Modi shared insights into the transformative changes occurring in the region. In addition to the International Cricket Stadium, a substantial investment of Rs 400 crore has been allocated for the reconstruction of Sigra Stadium, with a focus on comprehensive facilities for over 50 sports. This multi-level sports complex aims to be inclusive, catering to the needs of disabled individuals.

PM Modi highlighted ongoing developments, including the synthetic track in Bada Lalpur, basketball courts, and traditional Akhara facilities. He emphasized a holistic approach, integrating sports with fitness, employment opportunities, and youth careers. Additionally, he noted a significant threefold increase in the Central Sports Budget, highlighting the government’s commitment to supporting athletes at every stage, from school to university-level competitions.

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