A man accused of sending a flashing image to a writer in order to trigger an epileptic seizure has been arrested. He has been charged with criminal cyber stalking and could face a 10-year sentence.

Four people have been arrested from Oxfordshire on suspicion of murdering a man found dead in a car on an industrial estate. Police were initially called to a road crash at the industrial estate where they found the man.

A tourist was repeatedly punched in the face after she rejected the advances of a man, who followed her from a London Tube station. Detectives are now appealing for information to help trace the woman’s attacker.

Columbia police on Saturday night arrested a suspect wanted in a rape committed on Friday of an elderly woman in a bathroom stall at a doctor’s office. The accused was wanted on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, strong-armed robbery and trespassing.

Two men have been arrested for rape in two separate cases in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The allegation is that the two were busy enjoying themselves, when the suspect suddenly became vicious and accosted the victim.