French police officers and soldiers descended on Paris’ iconic Champs-Elysees on Thursday after an attacker with an automatic weapon opened fire on police, killing one officer and seriously wounding two others. Officers shot the attacker and killed him. The Islamic State group quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. Police and soldiers sealed off the area, ordering tourists back into hotels and blocking people from approaching the scene.

Footage released on Thursday by the activist-run Halab News Network showed evacuation buses parked at a transit point outside Aleppo as thousands of residents of two pro-government villages, Foua and Kfarya, waited by. The second stage of the population transfer has been stalled while rebel and government negotiators argued over the identities of the prisoners to be released as part of the exchange.

US President Donald Trump says Iran is not living up to the “spirit” of the nuclear agreement. Trump says Iran is doing “a tremendous disservice” to the agreement brokered by the Obama administration. The 2015 agreement by Iran and six other world powers ended some of the sanctions that had punished and isolated Iran for its nuclear programme but maintained others dealing with ballistic missile research, terrorism, human rights violations and money laundering.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during a nationally televised event at a hospital in Lara State, levied charges at his Colombian counterpart saying that “I have intelligence information that there will be a mass killing against the FARC leaders that signed the peace.” He gave no further details simply saying that “Colombia is a failed state.” Venezuela is in the midst of a violent protest movement that has resulted in eight deaths this month.

The global economy is strong but famine and refugees, combined with job losses to automation, threaten the poorest countries, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said on Thursday at the start of the WBG-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, DC. Kim said the good news is that the Bank can help private investors bring capital to developing countries with lower risk.